DragKing 1.3

No more copy and paste


  • Very convenient
  • Can be used with hotkeys


  • It doesn't work if the text is selected with the keyboard

Very good

The copy and paste is one of the greatest computer functions ever, the one you only begin to really appreciate when you don't have it. But it can still be improved with tools like DragKing.

Leaving the fancy name aside, this small utility makes copying and pasting even easier by putting everything you select with the mouse right into the Clipboard, so that you only have to use ctrl+v to paste it.

The program also displays a balloon tip with the number of copied characters, words and lines. This tip can be disabled, which you probably will because it ends up being a bit annoying. Besides this, you will hardly notice DragKing's presence, silently sitting on the system tray. Also, you can enable or disable it by means of customizable hotkeys.

In all, DragKing is a quite useful utility that can improve your productivity. If only it also copied the text you select with the keyboard!

DragKing automatically copies mouse selections to the Clipboard. It also reports the number of copied characters, words and lines.

This is what DragKing features for you:

  • User defined delimiter settings
  • Doubleclick the tray icon to disable/enable



DragKing 1.3

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